The entire project has been empowered by Maracuja Amsterdam B.V. ; who believes all artist, meaning anyone! should be able to follow their passion and make a fair living doing so. Enabling the conversation and creating the opportunity for partnerships for this idea to take place and become tangible in developments and actions.

In Partnership with: Mhouse ; an all around digital agency and source point of valuable information for web3.0 and NFT knowledge.

Curating LINKED, which is a unique blockchain art (BCA) collection that links together like-minded artists and collectors from across the metaverse.

It unifies them into one voice and amplifies the message of the web3 revolution to every corner of the globe. LINKED is a transformative collection that breaks new ground. It takes the best parts of PFP projects and the best parts of fine art / 1:1 collections......combining them into a never before seen concept.

    With: InformAR; an educational and training leader born out of an absolute passion for innovation. Seeing solutions in new technology, before it is widely embraced by the market and providing powerful combinations for our innovative VR/AR solutions; bringing the most value from this innovation technology to the public.

    With: ; Facilitating strategic partnership as a modern agency by offering exciting art projects for brands, government agencies and cultural organizations. Representing contemporary artists from around the world. A lifestyle agency and distribution partner based in the heart of amsterdam; representing international lifestyle brands and artist. Experts in the lifestyle sector with a worldwide knowledge of sales and marketing at its core.

    With: vPatina ; whose mission is to make sure all artists and galleries have access to the technology they need to build their websites and careers online, while making sure art isn’t dominated by those with privileged access to advanced technology.

    With: HumaneR Foundation ; a Netherlands based inclusive IT foundation that provides innovating projects and strategic alliances for immigrants and refugees, interested in a growing career path towards sustainability and IT integrating solutions that are aimed for the implementation of CSR policies across Europe. Inclusion is the solution!

    With:TNW ; Connecting the dots in the global tech ecosystem with TNW Programs, global super connectors for startups and scale-ups, large corporations, governments, and funding providers. Innovating faster and more efficiently by adding other TNW products and services to the mix.

    With: Daiara www.iam-daiara.comThe custom NFT display, designed  to fit your needs. NFT frames have top-notch specs.  Liquid crystal layer to provide a wide viewing angle (178 degrees), excellent color reproduction and better sunlight visibility. Anti Glare layer to minimize reflection. 2K resolution FHD (4k from 43” and up) Classic wooden exterior that merges technology with nature. Supports audio NFT’s through built in stereo speakers or headphone jacks. Time eco settings to make sure you only use the energy you need! Working with local frame makers to create bespoke quality digital NFT art showcase frames

    With: Artivist who works with various partners, who all share our goal for a fair and sustainable world. Creating Impact Together!

Wall art with a social message.

Artivist offers an extensive collection with an activist edge. Creating an immediate impact to help in the fight for a social and sustainable world. 

Art inspired by the 17 sustainable development goals

Affordable posters to exclusive collectors items

100% net profit to charity in line with the artwork

Unique extra features such as: Augmented Reality (AR), Animation, SDG stories, story behind the art &  Artist bio.

    With: Inspiral Growth Advisors on Digital Growth. 

A Growth Hacking Agency Based in Amsterdam.

Their mission is to facilitate access to brands in Europe to their pool of Growth Hackers in Europe and South America.

Together we maximise our effort to bring creativity and art to the highest level.

Growth can be achieved from any part of the world.

     With: NFTibet our partnership is directed towards the Journey of Compassion in a unique NFT project that is about the extraordinary art made that is made by Lama Tashi Norbu; a classical trained Tibetan artist and human rights activist. This collection consists of NFT art pieces created on the day of full moon to capture the special energy it brings forth. We invited to take part in this amazing community that is powered by love to reduce the endless suffering and ignorance.